Thursday, November 17, 2022

Using Sentence Master Word Cards to Learn English

          English language Article 1a Exercises


There are only three articles used in the English language: "a, an & the".

There are two types of articles: indefinite 'a' & 'an' and definite 'the'.

For these exercises we are not including: Partitive, Negative or Zero articles.


The fill-in-the-blanks grammar exercises also improve vocabulary comprehension.

Select the correct article from the Articles card to complete the sentence.

1. ___ Articles Card 1 contains three English articles.

2. ___ children knew ___ fastest way home.

3. English grammar has rules and ___ set of exemptions.

4. __ English sentence contains ___ idea or ___ complete thought.

5. ___ indefinite article indicates that its noun is not yet __ particular one. 

Check your answers with the exercise answers on video:

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