Sentence Master Game Introductory Notes and Suggestions

 Sentence Master Game Introductory Notes and Suggestions

First player to take a turn can be determined by highest or lowest dice roll. You can then choose to go
right or left to determine a specific player order using the dice.

Scoring for beginners can be one point for each word used in a phrase, or clause with bonus points for
complete sentences.

Intermediate scoring can be simply one point for complete sentences or with a combination of bonus
points awarded for specific sentence constructions. Intermediate scoring can also include bonus
points for using all word cards in a complete sentence and penalties for unused words.

For scoring advanced players and games an incorrect sentence can be completely eliminated
as a score or an incomplete sentence can be edited by removing some of the words to form
an acceptable complete sentence with a reduced score. Extra points can be awarded for
using all four types of sentences or all six sentence construction patterns.

The Sentence Master Game practice class sessions or workshops, play sessions, classes, lessons,
contests, quizzes or tests can be timed or un-timed. Players of different levels can be awarded
extra time for the sessions to "level the playing field". An example: Beginners 4 minutes,
Intermediate 3 minutes, Advanced 2 minutes.

Beginner Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words for each of their
turns. The set number of words can be six, seven, eight, nine or ten words for each turn.

Intermediate Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words, shared words
or with number dice to create variable numbers of words.

Advanced Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words, numbered dice,
penalties, shared words and bonus sentences. Special turn and challenge cards allow the
players to pass three to five words to the next player on the right or left when drawn.

The word cards have different word versions available for use in the sentences. Some
verbs can be used in the past, present or future tense. Some nouns can be in the plural
or singular form. Combinations are for advanced players and must be used exactly as shown.

Use the Sentence Master Grammar Text or Standard English Grammar teaching resources to
judge if sentences meet the criteria as an acceptable sentence. All players together or a
"sentence judge" must determine if a sentence is acceptable and can be included in the score.

The writing game winner can be determined by the largest number of English sentences or
largest number of points earned by specific sentence constructions or largest number of
sentence construction types or largest volume of words used in sentences, phrases or
clauses or first player to complete ten sentences or 100 points or use 150 words.
Players can set different "game winner criteria".

Sentence Master English Writing Games, exercises, tests, quizzes, challenges or contests
can be finished after equal playing time or set number of turns by the players or
reaching a "game winner criteria".

Sentence Master Rules can be set to increase English writing challenge, create flexibility
and diversity as a fun activity. English game players or ESL teachers or English teachers
can adjust the writing game rules to reinforce specific English grammar lessons, grammar
topics, writing topics, practice specific sentence construction skills, the parts of
speech, phrases, clauses and complete sentences.

Sentence Master Rules should be adjusted for kids, teens, ESL students or ESL adults
to enjoy playing together with an "equal opportunity" to win.

Always complete the Seven Basic Game Rules before beginning to Play

1. All game players must agree to game version rules before starting to play.

2. The order of turns has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

3. Sentence Master Game scoring has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

4. Sentence Master Game timing has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

5. Sentence Master Card distribution has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

6. The English grammar criteria has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

7."How the winner is determined" has to be agreed to in advance of playing by all players.

Remember to have fun with your Sentence Master Game playing.

Special Note for ESL English as a Second Language Teachers

Using the practice word cards in this challenge format is an excellent method of focusing the student's attention
on the 28 to 40 words in use. Teachers can confirm that the students know the various functions of the words
by parts of speech. Any missing information can be an excellent opportunity for teaching vocabulary,
language comprehension and context.

Teachers can use the Sentence Master practice word cards to teach the 1000 most used core English language
words and demonstrate the wide variety of context variations used in written English communication.

After the students have mastered the creation of many sentences using the original six word cards - you
can replace one or more cards, add some cards or start with six new cards. When students need additional
complexity and advanced skills practice there are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, word challenges and the grid quiz.

Using the practice word cards can help ESL English teachers focus attention, stage the learning step by step,
expand vocabulary, teach grammar, context, and comprehension and even have some fun.

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