Thursday, February 13, 2014

English Adjective Exercises

English Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing Practice

Please select the correct adjective to complete the sentence.

1. In general, music makes people (ADJECTIVES CARD 17).

2. Classical music is very (ADJECTIVES CARD 30), but sometimes makes me (ADJECTIVES CARD 32).

3. A lot of (ADJECTIVES CARD 3) people tend to listen to (ADJECTIVES CARD 13) songs.

4. It is very (ADJECTIVES CARD 9) to play musical instruments.

5. (ADJECTIVES CARD 9) music is usually (ADJECTIVES CARD 33).

Sentence Master Practice Adjective Cards for English grammar adjective writing exercises

6. Music sometimes is (ADJECTIVES CARD 5) to affect the (ADJECTIVES CARD 7) situation.

7. (ADJECTIVES CARD 21) musicians are very (ADJECTIVES CARD 32).

8. Karaoke is (ADJECTIVES CARD 21) in many countries.

9. (ADJECTIVES CARD 33) (ADJECTIVES CARD 50) music can go across borders.

10. (ADJECTIVES CARD 22) musicians can perform (ADJECTIVES CARD 14) kinds of music and can be (ADJECTIVES CARD 33).

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