Sentence Master English word Card Exercises

Sentence Master English Adjective Exercises

Please select the correct adjective to complete the sentence. 

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1. In general, music makes people (ADJECTIVES CARD 17).

2. Classical music is very (ADJECTIVES CARD 30), but sometimes makes me (ADJECTIVES CARD 32).

3. A lot of (ADJECTIVES CARD 3) people tend to listen to (ADJECTIVES CARD 13) songs.

4. It is very (ADJECTIVES CARD 9) to play musical instruments.

5. (ADJECTIVES CARD 9) music is usually (ADJECTIVES CARD 33).

6. Music sometimes is (ADJECTIVES CARD 5) to affect the (ADJECTIVES CARD 7) situation.

7. (ADJECTIVES CARD 21) musicians are very (ADJECTIVES CARD 32).

8. Karaoke is (ADJECTIVES CARD 21) in many countries.

9. (ADJECTIVES CARD 33) (ADJECTIVES CARD 50) music can go across borders.

10. (ADJECTIVES CARD 22) musicians can perform (ADJECTIVES CARD 14) kinds of music and can be (ADJECTIVES CARD 33).

11. This (ADJECTIVES CARD 37) movie was so (ADJECTIVES CARD 49) the audience laughed throughout the (ADJECTIVES CARD 10) show.

12. Parents are (ADJECTIVE CARD 8) to try to prevent their children from seeing this (ADJECTIVE CARD 30) movie.

13. The (ADJECTIVE CARD 16) preview from the director will be released next summer.

14. Getting the academy award gave the actor (ADJECTIVE CARD 2) fame.

15. The movie had a (ADJECTIVE CARD 21) run, because it attracted a (ADJECTIVE CARD 14) range of generations.

16. People are always disappointed seeing ( ADJECTIVE CARD 41) and (ADJECTIVE CARD 27) films.

17. A lot of people were touched by the (ADJECTIVE CARD 26) scenes and (ADJECTIVE CARD 44) story.

18. A (ADJECTIVE CARD 30) movie shows life with (ADJECTIVE CARD 28) scenes and (ADJECTIVE CARD 17) characters.

19. The ( ADJECTIVE CARD 16) film industry has been led by Hollywood.

20. The (ADJECTIVE CARD 35) scene created a (ADJECTIVE cARD 41) impression and is still (ADJECTIVE CARD 39) in the memory of people.

Sentence Master Article Vocabulary and Writing Exercises

There are only three articles used in the English language: "a, an & the".

There are two types of articles: indefinite 'a' & 'an' and definite 'the'.

For these exercises we are not including: Partitive, Negative or Zero articles.

Select the correct article to complete the sentence.
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1. ___ Articles Card 1 contains three English articles.

2. ___ children knew ___ fastest way home.

3. English grammar has rules and ___ set of exemptions.

4. __ English sentence contains ___ idea or ___ complete thought.

5. ___ indefinite article indicates that its noun is not yet __ particular one.

6. She had __ house so large that __ cartographer would get lost without ___ map.

7. Articles specify __ grammatical definiteness of ___ noun, in some languages extending to volume or numerical scope.

8. Among ___ classical parts of speech, articles are considered ___ special category of adjectives.

9. Some modern linguists prefer to classify all ___ articles within ___ separate part of speech called determiners.

10. ___ obligatory nature of English language articles makes them among ___ most used words.

11. I will visit ___ friend of mine in ___ United States.

12. At 10 this morning there was ___ phone call from your brother.

13. ___ Eat Pray Love book became ___ movie.

14. I watch ___ news on TV every morning.

15. I was ___ only person who had ___ umbrella at the time.

16. ___ few people will remain here until ___ end.

17. She likes to do gardening on ___ weekend.

18. We should make sure if ___ information we have is correct.

19. I bought these shoes at ___ sale.

20. I visit my grandparents at least once ___ year.

Sentence Master Adverb Vocabulary and Writing Exercises

Please select the correct adverb to complete the sentence. 
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1. I have (ADVERBS CARD 6) been (ADVERBS CARD 5) before.

2. I met her (ADVERBS CARD 24) on the street.

3. "He (ADVERBS CARD 37) goes to the gym." "Oh, (ADVERBS CARD 8)? I didn't know that."

4. This magazine is issued (ADVERBS CARD 34).

5. (ADVERBS CARD 23), (ADVERBS CARD 12) people were injured in that accident.

6. She is (ADVERBS CARD 47) shy, (ADVERBS CARD 50) she can't make a speech in front of people.

7. (ADVERBS CARD 7) $ 50 is (ADVERBS CARD 50) to buy a fan.

8. Please write (ADVERBS CARD 4) all your answers (ADVERBS CARD 28).

9. (ADVERBS CARD 3) (ADVERBS CARD 6) is this book?

10. He looked at me (ADVERBS CARD 29).

11. She will (ADVERB CARD 15) come on time.

12. He changed his opinion (ADVERB CARD 24).

13. I would (ADVERB CARD 8) go camping than see a movie.

14. We can not (ADVERB CARD 16) say that it is right or wrong.

15. Reiko is looking forward to the festival which is held (ADVERB CARD 25).

16. The day when our dream comes true is still (ADVERB CARD 12) (ADVERB CARD 7).

17. Misa disagreed with the idea, however, (ADVERB CARD 21), she (ADVERB CARD 40) accepted.

18. (ADVERB CARD 47), my score on the test was (ADVERB CARD 20) average.

19. I tried speaking (ADVERB CARD 34), so that everyone could hear me.

20. I was sick, so Masaki gave the presentation (ADVERB CARD 17) of me.

English Language Conjunction Writing Exercises

Select the correct conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. Don't eat (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 3) talking on the phone.

2. Just go straight (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 4) you reach the station.

3. (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 3) she is a genius, she is not a good person.

4. I will finish this work (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 10) you come.

5. Put your coat on, (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 1) you'll catch cold.

6. (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 5) you have started your homework it's better to keep doing it (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 9) you finish.

7. (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 6) my sister is talkative, I am quiet.

8. We are not sure (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 7) she is right.

9. The baseball game will be held (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 9) it rains.

10. Even (CONJUNCTIONS CARD 8) he is the boss, I have to disagree with him.

11. I speak neither Chinese (CONJUNCTION CARD 1) French.

12. You should stop smoking (CONJUNCTION CARD 8) the doctor said.

13. (CONJUNCTION CARD 4) she started working, we haven't had time to meet.

14. (CONJUNCTION CARD 5) you meet him, you will never forget him.

15. I am not sure (CONJUNCTION CARD 10) he is coming or not.

16. Please be on time, (CONJUNCTION CARD 6) you will miss the bus.

17. We should change the schedule, (CONJUNCTION CARD 9) you are available.

18. Please make sure (CONJUNCTION CARD 5) your cell phone is off, (CONJUNCTION CARD 10) you start the exam.

19. (CONJUNCTION CARD 3) this movie was recommended, I haven't seen it (CONJUNCTION CARD 10).

20. (CONJUNCTION CARD 2) it was getting lighter outside, we saw what it was.

English Language Noun Writing Exercises

Select the correct noun to complete the sentence.

1. Canada is a (NOUNS CARD 6) occupying most of northern North America.

2. Canada uses both the English (NOUNS CARD 30) and the French (NOUNS CARD 30).

3. Canada generates a lot of (NOUNs CARD 50) using water (NOUNS CARS 10).

4. Canada has the second largest mass of (NOUNS CARD 34) in the (NOUNS CARD 4).

5. There is a large amount of (NOUNS CARD 57) in Canada.

6. Canada has an income (NOUNS CARD 38) and a consumption (NOUNS CARD 38).

7. The trading (NOUNS CARD 37) between Canada and the USA is strong.

8. Canada has a short (NOUNS CARD 33) all displayed in a big (NOUNS CARD32).

9. (NOUNS CARD 29) is no longer a criminal sentence in Canada.

10. It was a wild (NOUNS CARD 5), we could see it through the (NOUNS CARD 35).

11. Everytime a new Harry Potter Book is released, people form a long (NOUNS CARD 13) in front of a book store.

12. He has a (NOUNS CARD 29) of humor.

13. The new product has successfully met the consumer's (NOUNS CARD 45).

14. All the audience was fascinated by the dancer's (NOUNS CARD 42).

15. Tough (NOUNS CARD 86) is expected for the contest's grand prize.

16. She is not coming because of a private (NOUNS CARD 22).

17. If you return the product in the original (NOUNS CARD 26),you will get a full (NOUNS CARD 89).

18. In that (NOUNS CARD 3), its better to change our plan.

19. Some people have a great (NOUNS CARD 55) in arts, sports and academics.

20. we hope that the (NOUNS CARD 5) will be dealt with in the right (NOUNS CARD 1).

English Language Preposition Exercises

Select the correct preposition to complete the sentence.

1. Why don't we talk (PREPOSITIONS CARD 23) this topic?

2. I arrived (PREPOSITIONS CARD 22) the building (PREPOSITIONS CARD 17) (PREPOSITIONS CARD 1 ) the bank.

3. The lecture is (PREPOSITIONS CARD 29) my understanding.


5. We must take him (PREPOSITIONS CARD 2) account.

6. Keep (PREPOSITIONS CARD 27) the grass.

7. It's important (PREPOSITIONS CARD 1 ) deal (PREPOSITIONS CARD 10) your stress.

8. That rumor was spreading (PREPOSITIONS CARD 11) the country.

9. He missed the train (PREPOSITIONS CARD 2) five minutes.

10. Many people applied (PREPOSITIONS CARD 1) that job (PREPOSITIONS CARD 1 ) the company.

11. Yuko was leaning (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21) the wall.

12. I will be back (PREPOSITION CARD 16) an hour.

13. This air plane flies (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21 ) Toronto (PREPOSITION CARD 10) Vancouver.

14. Let's move (PREPOSITIONS CARD 18) the next topic.

15. I'm getting (PREPOSITIONS CARD 12) (PREPOSITIONS CARD 10) my sister.

16. I would like (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21 ) see the town from a air plane far (PREPOSITIONS CARD 14).

17. I looked (PREPOSITIONS CARD 26) the meaning (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21 ) the word (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21 ) a dictionary.

18. We could get (PREPOSITIONS CARD 3) the task.

19. What do you do (PREPOSITIONS CARD 5) the day?

20. (PREPOSITIONS CARD 16) this region, we can see flocks (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21 ) birds flying (PREPOSITIONS CARD 21) the south.

Pronoun Writing Exercises

Please select the correct pronoun to complete the sentence.

1. Can (PRONOUNS CARD 1) get (PRONOUNS CARD 29) to drink?

2. Which is (PRONOUNS CARD 17) book?

3. The red (PRONOUNS CARD 37) is (PRONOUNS CARD 14).

4. I talk to (PRONOUNS CARD 29).

5. There's (PRONOUNS CARD 22) to do.

6. (PRONOUNS CARD 49) of the girls are (PRONOUNS CARD 46) classmates.

7. (PRONOUNS CARD 47) of the proposals were accepted.

8. (PRONOUNS CARD 23) that (PRONOUNS CARD 46) said was true.

9. That house is bigger than (PRONOUNS CARD 10).

10. (PRONOUNS CARD 36) of the boys was dressed neatly.

11. I just saw Bill. Is (PRONOUNS CARD 26) the one (PRONOUNS CARD 24) is in charge of this?

12. (PRONOUN CARD 12) has changed in my town, since I left.

13. "I don't know how I can get there." "(PRONOUNS CARD 22) (PRONOUNS CARD 33)."

14. Do you have (PRONOUNS CARD 35) plan for this weekend?

15. (PRONOUNS CARD 45) friends of (PRONOUNS CARD 50) are still playing on the team.

16. (PRONOUNS CARD 37) of them were absent for the party.

17. The spectator was wearing the T shirt (PRONOUNS CARD 34) has the team logo on (PRONOUNS CARD 17).

18. "(PRONOUNS CARD 34) (PRONOUNS CARD 15) do you like?" "I like the blue (PRONOUNS CARD 15)."

19. (PRONOUNS CARD 1) all seem happier than (PRONOUNS CARD 1) used to .

20. He is less shy than (PRONOUNS CARD 35) of the (PRONOUNS CARD 25) students.

Sentencemaster English Verb Exercises

Select the correct verb or verbs to complete the sentence.

1. Please (VERBS CARD 13) me (VERBS CARD 2) when you (VERBS CARD 1) out.

2. One person (VERBS CARD 51) (VERBS CARD 78) in that car accident.

3. I (VERBS CARD 56) to (VERBS CARD 12) this bag, but I couldn't.

4. He (VERBS CARD 74) down trees.

5. I (VERBS CARD 15) that he will (VERBS CARD 3) to (VERBS CARD 9) the game.

6. They (VERBS CARD 54) to (VERBS CARD 22) the World Cup games.

7. I (VERBS CARD 17) what you (VERBS CARD 1).

8. Our boss (VERBS CARD 75) our (VERBS CARD 10) because of the recession.

9. They (VERBS CARD 59) their own shop one year ago.

10. (VERBS CARD 51) you (VERBS CARD 29) for the test tomorrow?

11. I ( VERBS CARD 90) that his business would succeed.

12. Since I had my bag stolen, I had to (VERBS CARD 18) the situation to the police.

13. Because of the storm, the building (VERBS CARD 100) down.

14. His opinion does not neccesarily (VERBS CARD 7) true in foreign countries.

15. I (VERBS CARD 59) into my old friend on the street.

16. Does this price (VERBS CARD 23) all the accessories?

17. This course is (VERBS CARD 87) for people who (VERBS CARD 19) to be trained in a short time.

18. Though I (VERBS CARD 56) to talk to him, I couldn't (VERBS CARD 19) him.

19. We (VERBS CARD 80) to deal with the problem.

20. That made me (VERBS CARD 38) why it happened.

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