Sunday, July 10, 2022

25 Most Used English Verbs - You Must Learn


Sentencemaster Verb Cards

No. Verb Simple Past Past Participle

1 to be were         been

2 to have had                 had

3 to do did                 done

4 to say said                 said

5 to go went         gone

6 to get got                 got  / gotten 

7 to make made         made

8 to see  saw                  seen 

9 to know knew         known

10 to take  took          taken 

11 to think thought         thought

12 to come came         come 

13 to give  gave          given 

14 to look looked        looked

15 to use used         used

16 to find found        found

17 to want  wanted         wanted 

18 to tell told                told

19 to put put             put

19 to work worked      worked

20 to call called      called

21 to become  became     become 

22 to mean meant    meant

23 to leave left           left

24 to seem seemed   seemed

25 to need needed   needed

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