English Language Education Blogs

Sentence Master Games

Sentence Master Blog - Sentence Master Games provide a fun practical hands-on learning experience that
will help students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English
writing style.


TOEFL TOEIC IELTS Cambridge Test Information includes preparation, exam questions, quizes, essays,
short answer, listening, speaking, conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening comprehension,
reading comprehension, grammar and writing composition.

Learn English Blog

Learn English Blog - Learn English Blog provides free ESL English grammar, vocabulary, writing,
conversation lessons, examples, definitions, links and resources for ESL English language students
studying English as a second language.

English 4 Cooking Blog

English for cooking will present the simple English language used to explain grocery shopping, food
contents, preparation and cooking.

English Idioms Blog

English Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions with a meaning that cannot be derived from the
literal translations of the individual words. English Idioms are used in everyday life, school,
the arts, business and sports.

FREE Language Exchanges Blog

English speakers will be matched with speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese,
German, Russian, Chinese, French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and others to practice
their second language.

Best Education Training Workshops

Best Education Training Workshops lists: dates, times, locations, costs, speakers, presenters, topics,
training links, resources, schools, organizations, qualifications, requirements, descriptions, travel
details, and more.

Teach English Blog

Teach English Blog - Teach English Blog will feature ESL teaching articles, observations, comments,
examples, lesson plans, resources, references, methods and advice for potential, new and experienced
ESL English Teachers.

Canada Blogs

ESL in Canada News Blog

ESL in Canada News Blog - ESL in Canada News, information articles, reports, opinions, observations,
warnings for ESL English students, teachers, agents, homestays and schools. ESL English
News will provide stories about ESL schools, English programs, classes, ESL teaching
jobs, teacher resources and teaching materials.

University in Canada

Canada has excellent University programs for Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate Degrees and
Post-Doctorate programs. The specialties include some of the World's finest cutting-edge
original technology and the tradition bound fundamental disciplines. Admission to the
programs is dependant on the individual University and usually includes language skills
and prerequisite courses. ESL in Canada can provide initial counseling for students.

High School in Canada

High School in Canada will provide information about the official Provincial Ministries
of Education High Schools, high school programs, high school admission and graduation
requirements, high school core courses, high school electives, high school activities,
clubs and sports.

College in Canada

There are some excellent Canadian college programs that offer one, two, three and four
year diploma and certificate programs that are the finest college programs in the world.
College programs include technical, administration and trade skill programs.

Schools in Canada

Schools include: English schools, language schools, university colleges, universities,
college, academy, academies, institute, institutes, camps, summer camp for kids, summer
camps for students, wintercamps for students, public high and elementary schools, private
high and elementary schools, career training, vocational training, activity training,
licensed trades training.

Jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada can be permanent jobs, temporary jobs, contract jobs, professional jobs,
administration jobs, technical jobs or internship work experience. Info includes work
visas, job openings, work permits, criteria for health and medical clearances, language
proficiency, employment standards, education requirements, work experience requirements,
job skills, job duties and responsibilities.

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